Get It

Please read the topics in this guide from top to bottom.

C5Connector.Java uses the state-of-the-art logging facade SLF4J. You should read the corresponding manual, if you are not familiar with it!

There are three ways to get the C5Connector.Java.


The current version can be downloaded from Sourceforge. There is a zip file like c5connector-java-[version] which contains all binaries of the project dependencies and the filemanger. Don't forget to add a preferred SLF4J binding!

Manual Build

Download the source of the current release from GitHub and declare a preferred SLF4J binding in the dependencies section of your POM within the runtime scope and call the following command:

mvn clean package

Maven-Repository of the Author

If you want to use the public maven-repository which is provided by the author, you have to add the following snippets to your pom:


To the dependencies add the following: