This section is just for those who want to extend the library. It is necessary to understand the request cycle of the filemanager of corefive completely. If not, read the documentation of corefive carefully!

The C5Connector.Java library is compatible with the Servlet 3.0 specification. It provides several interfaces to extend and adapt it to your needs.

  • Connector: Gives you the ability to handle server-side connector requests the way you want.
  • FilemanagerConfigBuilder: Gives you full control over the configuration of the filemanager (in Java!!!).
  • FilemanagerCapability: Gives you the ability to decide which capabilities are set in an info request.
  • UserPathBuilder: Gives you the full control over the server-side userfiles path, the path to the server-side resources.

    There are default-implementations for all of these interfaces!

Big picture

If the library has to be extended, it's necessary to understand the request-cycle of C5Connector.Java.

A request is taken from the ConnectorServlet and will be dispatched to several other objects which prepare the parameter of the request. Now, C5Connector.Java knows which action/command has to be proceeded.

If the verification was successful, the action and its parameters will be dispatched to the implementation of the Connector. It processes the action and builds a response object with the help of the ResponseFactory. The capabilities for the filemanager are set dependently on their configuration.

And finally this response object will be returned to the ConnectorServlet.