The implementation of codes.thischwa.c5c.requestcycle.FilemanagerConfigBuilder is used to fill and hold the shared configuration object codes.thischwa.c5c.filemanager.FilemanagerConfig. If the request-based configuration is enabled (see Shared Config), the default implementation (codes.thischwa.c5c.requestcycle.impl.GlobalFilemanagerConfig) can be used to change the configuration by Java globally. Just inherit this object and override the method postLoadConfigFileHook(). This hook is called after the successful loading of a configuration file, - the configuration object codes.thischwa.c5c.filemanager.FilemanagerConfig is filled.

public class GlobalFilemanagerConfigImpl extends GlobalFilemanagerConfig {
  protected void postLoadConfigFileHook() {
    Options options = config.getOptions();

That's a nice way to do the configuration in an Java-style approach!

Don't forget to change the corresponding property in your file in the classpath (usually WEB-INF/classes):

connector.filemanagerConfigImpl = yourpackage.GlobalFilemanagerConfigImpl

If this doesn't meet your requirements, you have to implement your own one.

Custom Implementation

Just implement the codes.thischwa.c5c.requestcycle.FilemanagerConfigBuilder interface. Consult the javadoc and see how it works. Among other things, a user-based configuration could be realized.

And finally you have to declare your custom implementation in the file (see above)!