Within the request-cycle of the filemanager there are two get commands. To determine which action is allowed for a specific file, capabilities can be defined for each one. These capabilities are added to each response of a 'get-request'.

The available capabilities are 'select', 'delete', 'rename', 'download'.

There is a ready-to-go implementation: codes.thischwa.c5c.requestcycle.impl.DefaultCapability, the default one. It just sends all capabilities defined in the property connector.capabilities for each file.

If you want to change the capabilities for all get commands you just have to set the property connector.capabilities in your file.

If this doesn't meet your requirements, you have to implement your own one.

Custom implementation

Just implement the interface codes.thischwa.c5c.requestcycle.FilemanagerCapability. Consult the javadoc and see how it works.

And finally you have to declare your custom implementation in the file:

connector.capabilities = <desired implementation>