The connector is a bridge between the filemanager and a file storage backend. It works like a proxy or a virtual file system.

There is a ready-to-go implementation which serves all files from any local path: codes.thischwa.c5c.impl.LocalConnector
This is the default setting.

Custom implementation

In many situations it isn't enough or not possible at all to store files within the context or local file system. Therefore, C5Connector.Java provides a way to create your own one.

Just implement the interface codes.thischwa.c5c.Connector. Consult the javadoc and see how it works.

I suggest extending your class from codes.thischwa.c5c.GenericConnector. It provides some helper methods for getting basic properties or for building the required response objects easily. To handle exceptions you have to throw a codes.thischwa.c5c.exception.FilemanagerException. It has some suitable constructors. For details consult please the javadoc!
It is very helpful to hava a look at the code of the codes.thischwa.c5c.impl.LocalConnector!

And finally you have to declare your custom implementation in the file:

connector.impl = <desired implementation>