... the Java backend for the filemanager of corefive. It's a bridge between the filemanager and a storage backend and works like a transparent virtual file system or a proxy. C5Connector.Java includes a default implementation to access the local filesystem (server side).

The API encapsulates the building of JSON and is targeted to be used within JSPs as well as template engines like Velocity or FreeMarker.

If the API should be used with the CKEditor, I suggest to use it with CKEditor.Java, a simple java backend of the CKEditor.

The project is in an early-state and should not to be used in a productive environment!

This project is managed on the side after a full time job. I'm aware of the lack of documentation and will try to extend it constantly.
Please be patient!

Call to Action

Help me to improve C5Connector.Java. If you find a bug or you miss certain features, don't hesitate to file a ticket.